What are reports and how can I view reports in all apps?

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Customize your searches of objects related to the app, and then save these searches as reports, any list of saved reports can be quickly viewed, instead of re-entering your search query. This document details about the contents of the reports, lists the apps with reports and layouts the format in which they’re exported. As it is available in all apps it makes you simpler to work on it, you can generate the report within few mins on which you would like to view for.

Yes, you can generate reports for all apps, the reports are common feature in all apps.

What Types of Reports are Available?

There are two types of reports, custom reports & built-in reports.

Custom User Generated Reports

At any time you can generate a custom report from any search that you run inside of your apps.  These reports are available in each specific app, and you can learn details about creating custom reports here.

Built-In Sales & Performance Based Reports

It also offers many different reports available inside of each app by default. These reports can be run to either download a list of data from a specific app, or gain intelligence about the current business operations.

All Business Reports Available in Each App

Generate reports for following Apps by directing them,