How do I Generate Reports in Opportunities App?

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Reports help you to analyze the data in a piece of clear information about it. Reports from the Opportunities app helps you to generate the customized reports as per your requirement and get them exported to the Excel file. It allows you to generate the default report based on the opportunities activities, by Sales Rep wise, by sales stages wise, type, Sales Pipeline, and also with the opportunities closed staus.

Let's consider, Miss. Sarah Castro is the Projects Manager of Roy Beverages. She wants to analyze the sales opportunities of the Projects that are handled by her team. With that Apptivo’s opportunities Activities Report, she can easily generate and export the report as per the project’s activities from the Projects App. Please follow steps on how she is generating the report of the Projects’ activities in the Opportunities App.

Steps to Generate the Report

  • Login and access the Opportunities App from the universal menu.
  • Click on the Reports on the App header.
Opportunities App
  • Under the Reports, you can view the Opportunities Activities.
  • In the Opportunities Activities section, select the App from the App dropdown menu.
  • Here, select the Project app.
  • In the Employee dropdown, select All.
  • By selecting the individual employee name, you can generate the report individually by sales rep wise also.
  • In the Activity Type, you can select the specific activity type or select the All.
Activity Type
  • In the Date section, you can select the Start Date and the End Date of the Activity created.
  • You can customize the Report by Modified Date also.
  • Then, Click on the View Report.
View Report
  • By Clicking on the View Report, you can view the Activities for the Projects that are creed on the Selected date.
  • Then, click on the Export button.
  • By clicking on Export, the report will get Exported in the excel file.
Excel File

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