How do I generate opportunities won by month/sales rep report?

Updated on May 23, 2020 05:48AM by Admin

  • Login and access the Opportunities app from the universal menu.
  • Click on the Reports icon on the App Header.

  • In the Reports Page, scroll down the left panel reports to view the Opportunities Closing by Month.

  • You can view the current month opportunities report that is in the closed-won stage.
Closing by month

  • To get the customized report, click on the Filter Icon.
  • Set the Start Date and the End Date of the Opportunities.
  • Then, click on the View Report.
Filter icon

  • Based on the Start Date and the End Date you will be able to get the reports of the Opportunities that are in the Closed Won stage.
Closed Won stage

  • Scroll down to view the details Report data.
  • To Export the Report, click on the Export button and select the.CSV.
  • All Fields - You will get all the Fields of the opportunities in the Exported excel report.
  • Current View - You will get only the fields listed in the Report view in the Exported excel report.

  • Your Report will get downloaded in the Excel file based on the selected month.
Excel file

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