How do I Generate an Invoice from Opportunities?

Updated on January 5, 2021 05:31AM by Admin

Opportunities app from Apptivo allows you to track the sales opportunities and helps you to organize your efforts to close the deals. In addition, it will allow you to convert the opportunities into Invoice once the sales opportunities deal is reached. You can directly convert and create the opportunity into Invoice from the Opportunities app itself.

Note: If you are converting the opportunities for the products, make sure to fill the Items of Interest in the opportunities app. Click here to know how to add the Items of interest to opportunities.

Steps to follow

  • Login and access the Opportunities App from the Universal Menu.
  • Select the opportunities that need to be converted to the order.
  • Click on the More details.
Opportunities App
  • In the Opportunity Overview page, you can view the Convert button.
  • By clicking on the Convert button, you can view the To Orders, To Estimate, To Invoice, To Projects.
  • Select the To Invoice.
To Invoices
  • By clicking on the To Invoice, you will directly navigate to the Create Invoice page in the Invoices App.
  • You can view the Customer and Customer details will be auto-populated into the Invoice app.
Invoices App
  • Add the Items and Service Provided in the respective sections.
Services Provided
  • Then, click on the Email Invoice, you can directly send the invoice to the customer through Email.
Email Invoices
  • By clicking on the Preview button, you can view the Invoice Preview.
  • By clicking on the Email Invoice, the Compose page will appear with the attached invoice and click on the send button.
  • Once you sent the invoice, your invoice also will get created.
Email Sent
  • You can view the Created invoice on the List.
Created Invoice

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