How do I generate list of sales forecast?

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The process of evaluating the future sales of an enterprise is known as sales forecasting. An accurate sales forecast enables a company to create informed strategies, decisions to ensure there is  positive short as well as long term performance.

The sales forecast is usually based on the following factors.

  • Current economic trends
  • Past sales data
  • Industry-wide comparison
The forecasting ensures that the company manages its resources, cash flow and workforce efficiently and effectively. Above all the firm can make plans for future growth.

The following steps will give an insight to create a list of sales forecast.

Steps to Generate List of Sales Forecast
  1. Log in and access Opportunities App from your universal navigation menu bar.
  2. Click on Reports icon on App Header bar.
  3. On the landing page you would view some list of reports.
  4. Click on option.
    sales force Reports
  5. Set the report attributes
    i. Start typing the “Sales Rep” as it will auto populate the existing employee name.
    ii. Choose the “Customer Category” from the drop down.
    iii.  Start typing the “Customer Territory” it will auto populate the countries.
    iv. Set the “Start Date” and “End Date”.
    Sales Forecast results
  6. Click on View Report.

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