How do I setup projects with quick actions?

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Quick Actions – Project Setup: This enhanced feature allows you to set up your project with new milestones, cases and requirements quickly.

Steps to quick project setup

  1. Log in and access Projects app from your universal navigation menu bar.  
  2. Create a new project or select an existing project. 
    quick actions
  3. Click on “Quick Actions”button, you can view the following:
    • Activities
      • New task
      • Schedule Followup
    • Project setup
      • New milestone
      • New requirement 
      • New case
    • Communication
      • Email employee team 
      • Email entire team

In order to set up your project quickly, select "Project Setup" and follow the below sections:

New Milestone

  1. Select “Project Setup”, choose “New Milestone” to create a new milestone.
    new milestone
  2. You can view "Create Milestone" pop up as shown in the image below:
    create milestone 

New Requirement

  1. Select “Project Setup”, choose “New Requirement” to create a new requirement. 
    new requirement 
  2. You can view "Create Requirement" pop up as shown in the image below: 
    requirement created

New case

  1. Select “Project Setup”, choose “New Case” to create a new case.
    new case
  2. You can view "Create Case" pop up as shown in the image below:
    create case

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