How do I Create a New Project?

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Initial Project creation is as simple as it gets. Although you have the option to go through set up thorough organization and information about every project, only a couple of fields are required to start. 

Creating a Project

  • Log in and access the Projects App from your universal navigation menu.
  • Click on the Create a Project button from the left navigation panel.

Create a new project

  • Fill in the following information:
    • Name – Name of the project.
    • Description – Description of the project.
    • Start Date – Choose the start date from the calendar picker.
    • End Date – Choose an end date from the calendar picker.
    • Status – Status of the project such as In Trouble, On Hold, On Track, Awaiting Kickoff, Completed, Behind Schedule. You can manage or Create statuses through settings → Project Statuses → Create.
    • Priority – Priority of the project such as high, low, medium. You can manage or
    • Create priorities through settings → Project Priorities → Create.
    • Customer – Name of the customer. Start typing in the field, the existing customers will be auto-populated or Create a new customer & fill out the requested fields. The created customer's Sales Rep will be assigned as a Project Manager.
Create Projects

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