How do I Create Cases for Projects?

Updated on November 20, 2020 08:20PM by Admin

In the Projects App, cases are nothing but gaining control of the problem or an issue while initiating a project. It will be in a short written form. You can create or add cases related to the project.

Steps to Create Cases in Projects

  • Log in and access the Projects App from your universal navigation menu.
  • Create a new project or select an existing project.
  • Click on the Scope tab of the project from the list. 

  • Click on the Create button in Related Cases.

  • You will view the Create Case side panel.
Create Case

  • Provide the following information:
    • Case # - This is an auto-generated or manually entered number to identify the case.
    • Type - Type of the case such as resource request, technical issues, product purchases, etc.
    • Status - Status of the case such as immediate, closed, rejected, etc.
    • Priority - Priority of the case such as high, low, medium, etc.
    • Assigned To - Name of an employee.
    • Summary - Summary of the case.
    • Description - A brief description of the case.
    • Project - Project name auto-filled.
    • Need By Date - Need by date.
    • Date Resolved - Case resolved to date.
    • Customer - Name of the customer associated with the case.
    • Contact - Name of the contact.
  • Click on the Create button to complete.
Case Information

  • The Case will get created and added to the Related cases.
Related Cases

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