How do I create suppliers?

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Suppliers details are essential for traders/entrepreneurs who buy and sell goods from manufacturers. 

Steps to create a supplier

Suppliers overview page

  • Fill in the following information:
    • Supplier Name - Name of the supplier. 
    • Supplier # - This is an auto-generated or manually entered number to identify the supplier. Customize through Suppliers App -> Settings -> General -> Supplier Number Generation.
    • Category – Select a category from a predefined list. Customize through Suppliers App -> Settings -> Supplier Categories.
    • Assigned To – Name of an employee. 
    • Preference Level – Choose a preference level for a supplier such as standard, approved, banned or preferred. Payment Term – Select a term from a predefined list.
    • Currency - Select the currency of the transaction.
    • Tags - It is a label to group the supplier. Each supplier can have more than one tag.
    • Phone – Contact number of the supplier. 
    • Email – Email address of the supplier. 
    • Skype - Skype Id of the supplier.
    • Payment Term - This is the term which defines the supplier payment, it can be Immediate, Net 30, Net 15, Net 45, etc.
    • Payment Method – Mode of Payment such as Authorize.Net, Paypal, Google Wallet, etc. 
    • # of Employees – Supplier’s number of employees. 
    • Website – Supplier’s website. 
    • Annual Revenue – Annual revenue of a supplier. 
    • Ticker Symbol – A unique symbol for a supplier({, ╚, §, ♠, §). 
    • Industry – Select an industry from a predefined list. 
    • Credit Rating - A financial entity.
    • Address Information – Address information includes city, state, zip code, country.
  • Click on "Create & New" button to continue creating new suppliers or Click on the "Create" button to complete.
Create Supplier

  • You can find the supplier with the system generated information as shown below.
Record created

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