How to add the tax code in purchase orders?

Updated on May 8, 2019 05:07AM by Admin

A Purchase Order once issued, becomes a contract to deliver the products at the specified price. Once the order is placed, the Item tax is included and the supplier is obligated to accept the Purchase Order with the tax or reject the entire Purchase Order.

The taxes created from the Invoices and the Estimates are included in the PO creation page. When you create the Purchase Order for your Supplier, you can start typing the item name as it auto-populates the item's general information including item tax. You are allowed to select the tax code available in the dropdown manually. You can also customize the Tax Code if it has to be a header-level field or a line-level field.

Customizing the position of the Tax Code


  • Choose “Taxes” from the “Purchase Orders” drop-down.


  • If “Single Multi-Rate Taxes,” select “Capture Tax Codes” radio button choosing the place where you would like to place the Tax Code.

Capture Tax codes

Steps to add tax code in PO