How do I Customize Data Level Access in the Contacts App?

Updated on February 6, 2018 09:25PM by Admin

Data level security is the third level of security. You can customize the data level to give access privilege to your most trusted users. Contacts App allows you to customize the data level access using an option called Security. Click on the Settings->Security-> Access Level. This will display the Contact Level Access. Here you can customize your data access permissions.

Steps to Customize Contacts App Security

  1. Log in and access Contacts App from your universal navigation menu bar.
  2. Click on "More" icon and select “Settings” icon located in the App header bar.
  3. Click on "Access Level" from “Security”  drop-down in the left navigation panel.
  4. You can view “Contact Access Level” setting which allows restricting Contacts App visibility and also giving privilege level access to "View" and "Edit".
    contact access level
    • All – Everyone with access to Contacts App. 
    • Employees – Specific Employees who are assigned to contacts.
  5. Apart from specific employees, you can provide access to other users by enabling the Exception toggle. [May be your Sales Manager or General Manager]
    exception toggle
  6. After enabling, you can add other users by clicking on "+" icon. It can be either employees or teams.[Make sure that all employees under team should have that required app access]

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