How do I view estimates by status?

Updated on January 23, 2018 08:13PM by Admin

Estimates App is one of the applications of financials software.  This application allows you to view the estimates by its status. This feature will help you to filter and view the estimates quickly. Lets have a quick look at the following steps.

Steps to view estimates by status

  1. Log in and access Estimates App from your universal navigation menu bar. 
    image result for estimates
  2. Click on “Estimate by Status” from the left navigation panel. 
  3. You can view the following status:
    • All
    • Created
    • Sent
    • Approved
    • Converted
    • Rejected
    • Void
    • Change Requested
  4. Click on particular status to view estimates. For instance: Created 
     image result for employees
  5. You can view all estimates in the dashboard.
  6. You can also "Edit" or "Delete" an estimate, if needed. 

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