What are Investor Leads?

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Apptivo enables you with Efficient Contact Management at Your Fingertips. If you are Managing delicate information regarding your investors or stakeholders Apptivo has the right solution for your contacts as they are one of the most important assets of your company. Apptivo helps you managing these contacts with the highest level of security. 

Apptivo investor solutions are designed to bring companies and their shareholders in one place. Now easily communicate with your Board Members, Investors, and Stakeholders.
 What are Investor Leads? 

Anyone who invests in a company for a profit in the futures is called an Investor. Every investor has their own objectives behind their investment that can be different by Monetary/Financial benefits from it. 

How Apptivo can help?

Apptivo helps you with its Fundraiser App where you can store all these delicate information of your investors. 

Where can I find the Fundraiser App:

    • Login to Apptivo and go to the App Store.


  • Under Financials> you can find the Fundraiser App which you can add it to your account.

What all information you can store in a Fundraiser App:

  • On clicking on “Create Investor Lead” button from the left navigation panel you can create a new investor. 

How do I create an Investor Lead?

You can create an investor lead in two different places,

Creating you will be able to add the following information of your Investor:

  • Name - Name of investor lead.
  • Email - Email address of investor lead.
  • Investor Lead Source -Select an investor lead source from the predefined list.
  • Investor Lead Status - Select an investor lead status from the predefined list.
  • Funding Round - Select funding round from predefined list.
  • Potential Commitment - Amount committed by Investor lead.
  • Assign To - Assign an employee or team to follow up and manage this lead.
  • Fill in the Contact Information: contact information
  • Phone - Contact number of investor lead.
  • Mobile - the Mobile number of investor lead.
  • Fax - Fax number of investor lead.
  • Fill in the Address Information: address information
  • Address Line 1 - Address of investor lead.
  • Address Line 2 - Address of investor lead.
  • City - City name of investor lead.
  • State - Select a state from the predefined list.
  • Zip code - Zip code of investor lead.
  • Country - Select a Country from the predefined list.

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