How can I link My Investors, Investor Leads, Investor Contacts, and Funding Rounds?

Updated on February 25, 2019 05:53AM by Admin

Apptivo offers a comprehensive suite of business Apps designed to serve the end-to-end needs of small and medium businesses. We have more than 60 Apps that cover everything from CRM and Project Management to Invoicing. 

All Apptivo Apps are closely linked with each other to provide the users to make the maximum benefits of their data.

Apptivo Fund Raising App provides you with an option to create Funding Round where you can add all information of the investors who has taken part in the Funding Rounds along with their Leads which can then be interlinked with each other

Follow the below Steps to Create Funding Rounds:

1) Log in to Apptivo and go to the App store.

2) Under Financials > Add Fundraiser App to your account.

3) Open the Fundraiser App and on the top right, click on the Setting Option.

4) Under Setting on the Left Pane click on Fund Raising > Funding Rounds > and Click On Create button to create a new funding round.

5) Fill all the information of the funding round and click on create, which then will add the newly created funding round to your App Home Page.

6) On the App Home Page on the left Pane click on Funding Round which will show the list of all the available funding rounds. 

7) Click on More Details of the Funding Round > where you will be able to see the details of the Funding Round with option to Add Investors Leads to it.

8) On the Top click on Investments section, where you will be able to link both Investor Lead and Investor.

Thus by this way we can link Funding Rounds, Investors Leads and Investors with each other to keep a track on it.

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