What information can I store about my investor Leads?

Updated on February 25, 2019 04:27AM by Admin

Apptivo allows its user to add all the general information of their investors into their accounts like

  • General Info like Name, Address, Contact email, Phone no and Fax.
  • Status info like Investor lead rank, Lead status, Lead source, Territory, Market, and segment.
  • Company Info like company name, website, industry, annual revenue, and address.
  • Social Info as in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

While Creating a new Investor you will be able to add the following information:

  • Name - Name of investor lead.
  • Email - Email address of investor lead.
  • Investor Lead Source -Select an investor lead source from the predefined list.
  • Investor Lead Status - Select an investor lead status from the predefined list.
  • Funding Round - Select funding round from predefined list.
  • Potential Commitment - Amount committed by Investor lead.
  • Assign To - Assign an employee or team to follow up and manage this lead.
  • Fill in the Contact Information: contact information
  • Phone - Contact number of investor lead.
  • Mobile - the Mobile number of investor lead.
  • Fax - Fax number of investor lead.
  • Fill in the Address Information: address information
  • Address Line 1 - Address of investor lead.
  • Address Line 2 - Address of investor lead.
  • City - City name of investor lead.
  • State - Select a state from the predefined list.
  • Zip code - Zip code of investor lead.
  • Country - Select a Country from the predefined list.

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