What is Fund Raising?

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Fund Raising App from Apptivo allows you to track all your funding sources and key contacts. Fund Raising is the process of raising money to support your business. Capital employed in a business is raised in multiple rounds of financing. The funding round in the fundraising app allows you to keep track of these rounds and the investment associated with these rounds.

Funding Rounds

  • Seed rounds are investments in the idea/concept stage.
  • Angel rounds are investments in the early product development stage to create a proof of concept. 
  • Mezzanine rounds are late-stage private funding.

Steps to view the Funding Rounds

  • Login and the Fund Raising app from the universal menu.
  • Click on the Funding Round on the Left Panel.
Fund Raising
  • You can view all the Rounds as the list.
Funding Rounds
  • Click on each round More details, you can view the Funding round details.
More Details
  • You can view the Details of the Funding Round with the Target Amount, No of Shares, Shares Price, Open date, and the Close Date.
  • You can view the All the List of Investor Leads at the bottom of the Page.
  • You can create a new investor lead by clicking the Create button.
Investor Leads
  • Click on the Investments Tab, you will see the list of Investments.
  • By clicking on the Create button, you can create new investments.

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