How do I convert investor lead into an investment?

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  • Log in and access Fund Raising App from your universal navigation menu bar.
  • Create an investor lead or select investor lead that needs to convert.
  • Click on the More Details to view the Overview page of the Leads.
Fund Raising
  • In the Overview page, you can view the Convert button.
  • Click on the Convert button and select the To Investment.
  • You can view the side panel to Create an Investment page with the auto-populated Leads name on the Investment page.
Create Investment
  • You can view details like Lead name, Investor, Tax ID, Funding Round, No of Shares, Share Price, and the Amount.
  • Select the Investor from the dropdown and the other fields.
    • Tax Id - Tax Id of the investor.
    • # Of Shares - Number of shares purchased by the investor.
    • Share Price - Price per share.
    • Amount - Amount collected from the investor. This field is auto-calculated from the number of shares and share price.
  • Click on the Create button to complete.
  • You can view the created investment in the funding round.
Investment Created
  • Select Mezzanine funding round and click on the More Details.
Funding Round
  • Click on the Investments tab.
  • You can view the investment by the investor.
Investment Tab
  • Click on the More details, you can view the Overview of the Investment.
Investment Overview

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