When do timesheets get approved by employee manager?

Updated on November 25, 2016 05:17AM by Admin

Steps to Get Approved by Employee Manager

  1. Log in and access Timesheets App from your universal navigation menu bar.
  2. Click on Create and select “Create New Timesheet” option.
    create new timesheet
  3. Fill in the following details:
    • Customer – Name of the customer. 
    • Start Date – Start date of the timesheet. 
    • End Date – End date of the timesheet. 
    • Approver – This will be pre populated as employee manager. (If the employee who submits the timesheet has no manager assigned to them, then the timesheet will automatically be approved).
    • Period – Timesheet period. 
    • Task – Name of the task.

    enter details of timesheet
  4. If the timesheet does not link to the project and has no customer manager, then the employee manager (who creates a timesheet) itself plays a role of an approver.
  5. You can view the timesheet auto approved as shown in the image below:

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