What are the best features of help desk software?

Updated on September 22, 2021 06:06AM by Admin

The basic functionality of a help desk software is to capture tickets from multiple platforms in a single system and provide timely solutions. To strengthen this ticketing process, CRM vendors have brought out some of the coolest features powered with automation to make this work simpler.

  • Quick Escalation - The support team can effortlessly escalate their tickets to the right person(Manager). Read more.
  • Instant Notifications - Get timely notifications when tickets are created, updated, or deleted. Read more.
  • Remove Redundancy - Avoid working on repetitive tasks and let the helpdesk Software take care of them. Read more.
  • Automated Actions - Configure your help desk system to perform automatic actions based on certain criteria. Read more.
  • Single Point of Contact - Collect tickets from multiple platforms in a single system. Read more.
  • Email to Cases - Log the incoming emails from any email providers into cases(tickets). Read more.
  • Reporting and Dashboard - Monitor and measure the performance of your employees, teams, and business based on KPIs with a real-time reporting system. Read more.