How do I create an Intelligence Dashboard in Cases App?

Updated on August 17, 2020 10:13PM by Admin

To Create an Intelligence Dashboard you have to perform two steps.

  • Step 1: Create Charts
  • Step 2: Create a Dashboard

Step 1: Create Charts

  • Login and access the Cases App from the universal menu.
  • Click on the More(...) icon and select the Settings.
Cases App

  • In the Settings page, click on the Intelligence → Charts → App.

  • Click on the Create button and select the Column Chart.
Column Chart

  • You will be redirected to the Create Column chart.
  • Enter the Name for the Chart and set the Privileges.

Note: Based on the Selected Privileges of the Cases the employee will have access to the Charts.

  • Enable the Toggle to display the chart in the Dashboard.
  • Then, you can customize the Chart.
    • Change the Title and the Sub Title of the Chart in the Title and Short Description section.
    • Background color: You can customize the background color for the chart.
    • Height: Height section enables you to alter the height of the chart.
    • Legend: Disabling it removes the legend from the chart.
Inspector Tab

  • Then, Enable the Value Restriction to set criteria for the values which are to be included in the chart. 
  • Click on the Condition.

  • Here, set the Criteria on Value Restriction: Condition to include the records only if the Case Source Is Not Empty.
Value Condition

  • Once the criteria are set, click on the Create button.
Add Condition

  • In the X-Axis, you can set the Data type as Monthly, Weekly, Discrete Values, and Numeric Ranges. You can also add a label for it from the label section. 
  • You can also set the X Data Attribute value. Here, the attribute is chosen as Need by Date.

  • Once the attribute is set for X-Axis, you can set the attribute for Y-Axis.
  • You can set the Aggregation Type of Y-axis to be either Sum or Count. Here, it is set as a Count. 
  • In the attribute chosen as Case#.
Y- Axis

  • Then, click on the Filter Tab, enable the Filter.
  • Here, the Case Status, Type, Priority, Assigned To attribute is selected for the Filter option.
Filter option

  • Click on the Create button.
Create chart

  • You can view the Created chart on the List.
Chart List

Step 2: Create a Dashboard

Once the Column chart is created, it is mandatory to create a dashboard for the chart to reflect in the Cases App.

  • In the Settings page, click on the Intelligence → Dashboards → App.
  • Click on the create button to create a new dashboard.
Create Dashboard

  • You will be redirected to the Create App Dashboard page, add the name, description of the dashboard.

  • Using the drag, and drop a section from the palette tab followed by the desired chart.
Add Chart

  • Then, click on the create. 
Dashboard Created

  • The new dashboard will be created and you can view the Created Dashboard in the List.
Dashboard List

  • Now, go to the dashboards section in the Cases App. 
  • You can see the created dashboard - Pending Cases Dashboard.
Pending Cases Dashboard

  • To filter out the records, you can click on the filter icon and determine the status based on which the record is to be filtered. 
Filtered Dashboard