How do I Enable Integration with Xero?

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Xero is cloud-based accounting software that was developed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. You can integrate the Apptivo Invoices, Supplier Invoices, and purchase order apps with Xero. The primary step is to authenticate with Xero using your Apptivo account and then sync the records to import them into Apptivo. Let's follow the given steps to understand better.

Sign up with Xero and activate your account:

  • This step is not required for the users who already have the Xero account.
  • Go to the Xero sign-up page(Xero website).
  • Enter details for your account, read and agree to the Terms of Use and privacy policy, then click “Get started”.
Xero Get Started
  • Open the activation email from Xero. Check your spam folder if you have not received the email within a few minutes. Here, Click “Yes, it's me - let's get started”.
Xero - Mail Confirm
  • Create a password. Your password must contain at least eight characters and one number.
  • Click on “Activate your account”.
Xero - Activate with Xero


Integrating with Xero

  • Log in to your Apptivo account and select Business Settings from the User Menu.
Apptivo - Business Settings
  • On the Business Settings page, go to Services → Xero and Click on the Xero button as shown below.
Apptivo - Services
  • You’ll be redirected to Xero’s login page, provide the credentials of your Xero account that you created earlier, and click Log in.
Xero - Log in
  • Upon hitting the login, you’ll be asked to accept the notification sent by Xero to your mobile.
Xero - Notification
  • After accepting the notification, you’ll be notified about your consent on Apptivo access to your Xero account. Click on the Allow Access button.
Xero - Consent Access
  • Once access is provided, your Apptivo account will be integrated with Xero.
Apptivo - Xero Added


Set up your Xero Account:

This part involves the steps to set up the Xero account, which involves three stages:

Configuration: Here, configure the Sync Type and Sync apps that you would like to involve in the Sync process.

Account: Accounts tab has lists of all the accounts available, which practically helps you to sort out the transactions and groups similar transactions together.

Mapping: Map the Apptivo tax fields with Xero.


  • Now set up the sync procedures for your Xero account in Apptivo. Select the required values for the Configuration.
  • Now you can integrate Apptivo with Xero using three sync types, namely:
    • Apptivo to Xero
    • Xero to Apptivo
    • 2-way Sync
  • Select the Sync Type based on your business preferences.
Apptivo - 2 Way Sync
  • Now select the apps that you want to sync with Xero. Since I’ve selected 2-way sync, only Invoices and Supplier Invoices are available. Here I’ve selected both apps Invoices, Supplier Invoices.

Note: The Purchase Orders app is supported only for one-way sync i.e. Apptivo to Xero sync.

Xero - Select Apps
  • Now save the Configuration, by clicking on the Save button. You can also save all at once after completing the entire setup.
Apptivo - Save Config



  • Select the accounts you want to use for the Payment, Inventory, Sales, and Purchase accounts. You can also fetch the account using the Fetch Accounts from Xero button. Click on the Save button to save the account details.
Apptivo - Save Accounts



  • Now map the Tax of Apptivo using the dropdown whereas the Xero taxes will remain constant. You can reset the Apptivo tax values by using the Reset button. Click on the Save button to save the values.
Apptivo - Save taxes mapping
  • Navigate to the Invoices tab, you’ll be given two options:
    • Sync Apptivo Contact: The Invoice contact will be taken as Xero Contact.
    • Sync Apptivo Customer: The Invoice Customer will be taken as Xero Contact.
  • I’ve chosen to Sync the Apptivo Customer as the Xero Contact.
  • If the field of the Apptivo customer is empty, then the Apptivo contact will be taken as the Xero contact name.
Apptivo - Sync Apptivo Customer
  • Vice versa you can follow the same steps for the Supplier Invoices application for sync set up.
  • You can also stop the syncing by using the Disconnect button provided.

You can enable Xero integration with the following Apps



  • Apps Integrated from Apptivo to Xero - Invoices, Purchase Orders, Supplier Invoices.
  • Required Mandatory fields to sync records - Customer, Contact, and item line level with description.
  • The Purchase Orders app is supported only for Apptivo to Xero sync.
  • To Xero Classic Invoicing Users:
    • We highly recommend you use the new invoicing in Xero.
    • Header level discount is not supported in Xero's Classic Invoicing, so it is suggested to configure discounts in line level in Apptivo for seamless integration.
    • It is recommended to use percentage type discounts in Apptivo as Xero supports only percentage type discounts.