How do I Create Dynamic Target Lists in Targets App?

Updated on July 26, 2023 10:39PM by Admin

The targets app allows you to create dynamic target lists, by defining the desired criteria. Based on the criteria defined in the particular objects (Employees, Leads, Contacts, Customers), the target list will be dynamically generated.

For instance: Consider an employee (Katie Dustin), who wants to create a target list with all the newly created leads and unsubscribed customers. Then searching and adding them manually would be a tedious task. So, now a dynamic target list can be created, defining the respective criteria.

Steps to Create Dynamic Target Lists

  1. Go to Targets App.
  2. Click on “Create” -> “Dynamic Target Lists”.
  3. In the creation page, enter the required details and click on “Create”.
    click on create
  4. Once created, you’ll be directed to the overview page.
  5. Now, click on the “Leads” tab. In the “Setup Criteria”, click on “Create here”.
    set criteria for leads
  6. Here, define the criteria as “Lead Status = New” and click “Create”.
    criteria for leads
  7. The leads satisfying the above created criteria will now be dynamically generated. And it can be viewed in the “Leads in this Target List” tab.
    leads in this target list
  8. Similarly, define the criteria “Unsubscribe = True” for customers in the “Customers” tab.
    set criteria for customers
  9. The list of unsubscribed customers can be viewed in the “Customers in this Target List” tab.
    customers in this target list
  10. Thus, a dynamic target list is now successfully created.
    dynamic target list created

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