How do I customize collaboration found in Preferences setting?

Updated on August 25, 2017 10:16PM by Admin

Collaboration option manages and controls the left-hand menu views. The menus on left hand side are nothing but the common activities found in all apps.
You can hide or remove the menus like My Agenda, News Feed, Calendar, Tasks, Follow up, Call logs, Notes, My work Queue and Emails.

You can also prioritize the layout of the menus. For instance, some businesses might want to remove a feature, like “My Work Queue”, or maybe they want to ensure that “Calendar” is always shown first. Using preferences, each employee can customize which pages appear, and the order they appear in.

Hide/Remove menu from Home dashboard

You can use toggle button to hide or remove the respective menu(s), this will remove the menu(s) from home dashboard.

Drag and drop the menu(Display the menu at first)

When you access your account, you see several pages which organize all of your various activities & collaboration data like Agenda, News Feed, Calendar, and Tasks. Some businesses might want to place a menu at first, like "Calendar".

Default layout(Table View, List View or Calendar view)

The events, task can be viewed in different views(Table View, List View or Calendar view).