While creating a Timesheet, how does my Employee Pick a Project associated with a Customer?

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Most businesses require some sort of reporting on the time spent on various activities, whether this information is reported to a manager within your company, or to the customer. The Timesheets app supports the creation of timesheets in addition to a process for managers/customers to either approve or reject the timesheet.

Steps to Create Timesheet from Projects

  • Log in and access the Timesheets App from your universal navigation menu bar.
  • Configure settings to create a timesheet with a single project.
  • Click on the “Create” button, select “From Project” from the left navigation panel.
Timesheets App

  • Fill in the following information:
    • Customer – Search and select your existing customer.
    • Start date – Start date of the timesheet.
    • Period – Duration of the timesheet.
    • Approver – Name of the approver of the timesheet. Here “Project Manager” will be pre-populated.
    • Project – You can view a list of projects associated with the selected customer.
    • Task – You can view a list of tasks associated with the selected project.
  • On clicking the search icon in the Projects field, you can search and add a project from the Timesheets App.
Search Project

  • Click on “Create” to save the timesheet as a draft.
Timesheet Draft

  • Click on “Create & Submit” to submit this timesheet for approval.
  • Hence, the timesheet shown above is created from a single project. It will be submitted to the project manager for approval. In this example, “Caroline Forbes” is the project manager to approves the timesheet.

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