How do I Create an Order?

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The Orders App includes all the details of Purchase Orders made by the Customer to the Company. It’s vital for any Business to provide Items/Products promptly to the Customer based on an order placed by them. It can be created using two ways, one using "Create -> Order" and another will be "Create -> Customer items order."
Here we will follow the steps to create order.

Steps to Create an Order

  • Click on the “Create” button from the Left navigation panel.
create order

  • Fill in the following required details:
        • Order Information
          • Order # - This is an auto-generated or manually entered number to define an order
          • Ordered Date - Date of order
          • Need By Date - Need Date
          • Status - Status of the order “Booked” will be pre-populated.
          • Sales Rep. - Name of an employee
          • Shipping Method - Specifies the shipping method
          • Template - Name of the template of the order
          • Currency - Specifies the currency
          • Discount - Specifies the discount
          • Tags - Specifies the tags

order information

      • Customer Information
        • Customer - Name of the existing or newly created customer
        • PO # - Purchase Order number
        • Order Contact - Name of the current or freshly created contact associated with the above-selected customer
        • Phone - Contact number of contact
        • Affiliate Customer - Name of the existing or manually created customer
        • Email - Email address of the contact

cust info

      • Shipping / Invoice Communication Information
        • Billing Contact - Specifies the billing contact
        • Shipping Contact - Specifies the shipping contact

shipping info

    • Address Information - Specifies the address related to the customer selected in the order.

    • Products/Items
      • Item Name - Search and select the item. Here, you can choose from the existing items by clicking on the "Search" icon or create a new item on the go using the add "+" icon.
      • Quantity - Quantity of the item selected
      • Size - Size of the item.
      • Other Specifications - Others like Color, UOM, Unit Price, Tax Code, etc.

item selection

Note: You can now repeat adding the same items that are added to the line level, any number of times

  • Payment Information - Select the payment term from a pre-defined list.
  • Click on the "Create" button to complete.

order created

  • You can view the created order as shown in the image below:

order created

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