How do I Customize Data Level Access in the Leads App?

Updated on July 22, 2019 07:08AM by Admin

Apptivo Leads App has several configuration settings that allow you to adjust the way the app functions. Here you can customize the Data Level Access as per your requirement. That is you can set the access privilege for your most trusted team members. By default, access privilege is given to all the employees of an organization.

For instance: Consider a superuser, Carter Alan, wants his employees to view and process only the Leads assigned to them. Besides that, he also wants his sales team, to access all the Leads, even though they are not assigned to the team. In that case, he can set the Access Level as Employee and just add the Sales Team under the Exceptions section.

Let's take a quick look at the steps to customize leads data level access.

Steps to Configure Leads General Settings


  • You can view “Lead Access Level” setting which allows, restricting the Leads App visibility. It includes
    • All – Everyone with access to Leads App. 
    • Employees – Specific Employees who are assigned to leads.
Leads Access Level

  • Apart from specific employees, you can provide access to other users by enabling the toggle ON for “Exceptions”. Now, you can view the “Add (+)” icon.
Exception Toggle

  • You can add other users by clicking on the "+" icon. It can be either employees or teams. (Make sure that all employees under the team should have the required app access)
Add Employee or Team

Note: Those employees added under the Exceptions, should be given the privilege to access the Leads App. Only then they can view the Leads without being assigned.

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