How do I Convert Project into Invoice?

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There are two different ways to create an invoice for a project.  They are

  • From the Invoices app 
  • Ffrom a specific project(Shown below)
You can convert the project to invoice if all tasks in a project are completed. You can view the alert pop up for completing tasks.

Steps to Generate an Invoice from Project

  1. Log in and access Projects app from your universal navigation menu bar.
  2. Create a new project or select an existing project.
  3. Click on “Generate” button and select “Invoice”.
    generate invoice
  4. In the Invoice creation page (Invoices App), provide the following details:
    • Customer – Name of the customer will be pre populated from the project. 
    • Contact - Customer’s contact name. 
    • Sales Rep – Name of an employee. 
    • Invoice # - This is an auto generated or manually entered number to identify invoice.
    • Invoice Date – Invoice created date. 
    • Payment Term – Payment term for an invoice.
    • Template – Name of the template. 
    • PO/WO Number – Purchase order or work order number.
    • Currency – Currencty unit. Choose a currency from a predefined multi currencies list.
      invoice from Project
  5. Click on “Email Invoice” to send an invoice to the customer or click on “Save for Later” to save invoice in draft.
  6. You can view the invoice created as shown in the image below:
    invoice overview

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