What is a Receipt Transaction?

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A receipt is recorded when items are received from suppliers in a warehouse.

How do I Receive Items?

You can receive items from suppliers against your purchase orders. Once you receive your items, you can ship them to your customer or move them to a warehouse.

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  • Fill in the following details:
    • Transaction # - This is an auto generated number or manually entered to identify transaction. 
    • PO# - Purchase order number, against which you want to receive. 
    • Supplier name – Name of the supplier.
    • To Warehouse – choose the warehouse that will receive your items.
    • Items - Items that are being received. This will be pre-populated from the PO, if you select a PO that has valid items to be received. 
    • Zone and locator – if you wish to transact the item into a zone, locator, or both.
Create Receipt

  • Complete the receipt transaction.

Receipt Created

Is it necessary to enter all fields, while Creating Receipts?

  • If you need to create receipt for every purchase order, choose the PO# and supplier name for the item.
  • If you want to track items from the warehouse you need to provide the warehouse name and appropriate zones, locators or both. 
  • If you don’t specify a warehouse, you cannot complete the transaction in inventory.

Once you've created the receipt with the warehouse you can transact those items.

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