How do I Schedule Follow Up for Contacts in CRM?

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The Follow-up feature is an important aspect of Apptivo CRM modules. This feature allows the user to keep track of future dates when he would need to perform an activity for a customer.

This Follow up could be a quick sales call or an email to check in on the status of the project. All Follow Ups can be tracked in the home dashboard follow-ups.

Let’s walk through the following steps to understand better.

Steps to Create a Follow Up in Contacts

  • Log in and access Contacts App in your universal navigation.
  • Select a “Contact” from the "Show All" queue which needs follow-up scheduling.
  • Click on the "More Details" icon, the overview page gets displayed.
  • On the overview page, click the “Schedule follow up” button.
  • A popup appears in which provide a follow-up date, description, and click the “Create” button.
Schedule Follow ups
  • As the scheduled contact followed up successfully, then you click the “Tick” mark indicating the follow-up schedule marked as completed.

Where can I find the Contacts Follow up schedules?

  • Follow-ups schedules made in the Contacts get displayed in the “To follow up” queue in the left navigation of the Contacts App dashboard.
  • Also, it’s shown in the home dashboard under the “My follow-ups” tab.
My Follow ups

Calendar view

  • All the scheduled contacts are shown in a calendar view. If click on the date, the contact details popup emerges with the “view” button. Once you’ve clicked this view, it redirects to the contacts overview page.
  • Click on the My Follows tab to view all the scheduled follow-up appointments.

List view

  • All the scheduled follow-up contacts details are available with the following lists:
  • Today’s follow-ups - shows the follow up scheduled for the current date.
  • Overdue follow-ups- shows follow-ups schedules that passed their due date.
  • Upcoming follow-ups - shows future-dated follow-ups.
  • Completed follow-ups - Shows recently completed follow-ups.
List View

Table View

  • All the scheduled contacts are shown in a table view.
Table View

What other apps allow follow-up schedule?

  • Follow-ups scheduling can be done in CRM Categories app like Customers, Leads, and Opportunities App. All the above apps will be shown in the home dashboard “My follow-ups” category to the paid users only.

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