How do I view my employee project report?

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Projects by employee 

Payment details report which allows you to request the project report for the particular employee. The projects which are assigned to an employee are listed with their fields.

Steps to view employees project report

  1. Log in and access Project app in your universal navigation menu bar.
  2. Click on Reportsfrom app header bar.
  3. On the landing page you would view "General Reports" and "Billing Reports".
  4. In "General Reports", click on“Project by Employee”.
    general reports
  5. Set the report attributes
    - Start typing the “employee name” as it will auto populate.
    - Set the “Start and End date”.
  6. It will display the project report for a given employee who is involved in the project.
  7. Click on "View Report" button.
    view report
  8. Click on "Export" button to export reports into spreadsheet format.
    Project by employee export

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