How do I Add a Serial Number to an Order?

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Apptivo's Orders app helps you to manage all your orders with inventory management and shipping. While shipping the item it will allow you to add the serial number to get a streamlined and accessible inventory management system. With the serial number, you can get the better details of ins and outs of your entire inventory. It will help you to get the complete data available to support clients and customers at the time of faulty or returned items.

Mr. Blossom is the Product Manager for Automobile appliances. It is necessary for automobile agencies to add the serial number of each product while shipping. With that, the customers can easily find the correct spares parts by entering the number on the manufacturer’s sites. In addition, he can track the warranty claims of each specific unit. With the Apptivo Orders app, you can add the serial number of the item at the time of shipping after the Pick Release. Please follow the instructions on how to add the Serial number at the time of shipping the order.

Click here to know how to Pick Release the Order.

Steps to follow

  • Login and access the shipping app from the universal menu.
  • Click on the Waiting to picked and select the order.
  • Click on the More details to view the order.
Shipping app
  • You can view the Pick button and click on that.
  • By clicking on the Pick button, you can view the Pick Order Shipment side window to add the Serial number of the Order product.

Note: You can view the Serial number boxes depending on the Quantity of the Orders.

Pick order shipment
  • Add the Serial number of the Products and click on the Save button.
Add Serial number
  • Once you added the serial number, the order status will get moved to “Waiting to be Shipped”.
Waiting to be picked

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