How to Pick Release the Order?

Updated on May 1, 2020 04:17AM by Admin

Orders App from Apptivo helps you to manage and track all the orders related to your business. In the Order processing, the pick release is one of the important methods to process on. Pick Release the orders will confirm the status of the orders to release them for shipment. Once the order is pick released then only you can ship the order from the warehouse.

Miss. Jessica Davis is the Warehouse Manager for a She handles the online orders and ships them for the delivery and manages the warehouse inventory. Before starting the shipment, she needs to pick release the order for the Shipment. Please follow the instructions on how she Pick Release the order for the shipping.

Note: For Zipmark and Wire transfer payment terms, Pick Release will not appear until the order gets booked.

Step to Pick Release

  • Login and access the Orders App from the universal menu.
  • Select the orders from the list that needs to be Pick Release and click on the More Details.
Orders App
  • In the Order Overview page, you can view the Pick Release Button.
  • By clicking on the Pick Release, the order will get Pick Released and confirm for the shipping.
Pick Release
  • Once the Order has been Pick Release, the shipment link will get created in the shipment Information section.
  • Scroll down and view the shipment link.
Shipment link
  • By Clicking on the Link, you will be directly redirected to the shipment Page in the shipping App.
Shipping Page
  • You can view the Pick Released orders in the Orders Awaiting shipment from Orders App.
Orders Awaiting shipment
  • You can view the Pick Release order from the Shipment app under the Waiting to be Picked.
Waiting to be picked