How do I create a new lead record

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Lead generation or creation is a initiation of consumer interest/enquiry into your company's products/services. Some of the reasons why lead is created are for
  • List building
  • e-newsletter list acquisition
  • Sales leads

The sources of the leads could be via
  • Referrals
  • Internet
  • Telecalling (inbound or outbound)
  • Advertisements
  • Events such as Trade shows
Lead generation is the first step of the lead management. Once we have the details of the leads, we need to create a table to store them in the database. Apptivo Leads app allows you to create new Leads using create lead option.

Go through these steps to create lead record

Steps to create lead

  1. Log in and access Leads App from your universal navigation menu bar.
  2. Click on “Create ” button from the left navigation panel.
    Create Lead
  3. Fill in the following information:
    • First Name - First name of the Lead.
    • Last Name - Last name of the Lead.
    • Job Title - Name of the job.
    • Best way to contact – Choose option for contact.
    • Lead status - Select lead status from a predefined list.
    • Lead source - Select lead source from a predefined list.
    • Referred by - Select name of the referrer.
    • Assigned to - Select an employee/team.
    • Description - Description about the lead.
    • Tags - Select existing tag/ Add new tags.
      Contact Information
    • Phone - Phone number of the lead.
    • Fax - Fax number of the lead.
    • Skype - Skype id of the lead. Additional Information
    • Potential Amount – Enter amount in USD.
    • Estimated closed date – Choose closed date from calendar picker.
    • Rank - Select rank from a predefined list
    • Campaign - Select campaign from a predefined list/Add new.
    • Territory - Select a territory from a predefined list.
    • Market - Select one/Add new. Segment – Select from pre defined list.
      Prospect/Customer Company Information
    • Category - Category of the lead.
    • Customer - Name of the customer.
    • Company - Name of the company.
    • #Of employees - Number of employees.
    • Annual revenue - Annual revenue of your company.
    • Industry - Select name of the industry.
    • Ownership - Name of the ownership.
    • Website - Name of the website.
      Location Information
    • Address Type - Select address type from a predefined list. Enter other address information like city, state etc.
    • Click on “Add More Address” to add more addresses.
      Social Information
    • Facebook - Facebook url.
    • Twitter - Twitter url.
    • LinkedIn - LinkedIn url.
      Creating New Lead
  4. Click on "Create" button to complete.
  5. You can view the created lead as shown in the image below:
    New Lead

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