How does Professional Implementation work in Apptivo?

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“Implementation: The process of moving an idea from concept to reality”

This is a general overview of the deployment process of Apptivo to your organization. Apptivo has employed a detailed process and commits to complete the entire deployment in 3 to 6 weeks. The implementation takes place through 6 Stages beginning with a Kick-Off call.

Stage I - Requirements

Stage I Starts with a short Kick-Off Meeting that involves the introduction of Project Managers and brief details on the requirements from the Clients.
There are three steps involved:
  • A graphical workflow that shows clients’ business operations
  • Overview of current frameworks that they are using to accomplish the same goal
  • The progress that they have made so far in their Apptivo trial account
Once the necessary documents are gathered, the Blueprint will be prepared by the Apptivo Team and will go through the internal verification process.

Stage II - Configuration

Once the Blueprint is prepared and verified, the Apptivo team will start configuring each application on data and workflow for validating the business processes. The configuration includes the adjustment of Master layouts, Views, Workflows, Triggers, Reports, and building necessary Templates.

Stage III - Data Migration

Once the configuration meets the requirements, we begin to migrate the legacy data and their associated activities into the database, such as contacts, customers, leads, opportunities, projects, or invoices. The Apptivo Services team is capable of migrating data from any of your existing CRM software or simply from an excel spreadsheet. Learn more about How Apptivo Migrates Your Legacy Data.

Stage IV - Integration

Third-party integration starts once the data migration is verified by the client. Apptivo uses a strong REST API to integrate the Apptivo account with almost any 3rd party software. Check out Apptivo’s Native Integration capabilities.

Depending on the data transfer specifications, Apptivo's technical team will enable one-way or two-way sync with third-party apps. With a deeper analysis and plan, the typical timeline to complete the integration will be 3 to 4 weeks. Click here to know more about the integration process.

Stage V - Go Live

The initial user acceptance testing phase will commence once third-party integrations are complete. Then, Apptivo provides elaborative training to the users on technology deployment, data migration, integrations, and application utilization. Along with that, the application will be available for the client to use.

After a week, Apptivo’s services team will schedule a follow-up training session with the clients to get their feedback on the product usage and to offer solutions to their additional questions and/or any change requests. Click here to know more about Apptivo’s complete training process.

Once the User Acceptance Testing is complete, the Apptivo team will perform a final data migration ensuring zero data loss from your existing system or spreadsheets. Finally, the project will be completely handed over to the clients.

Stage VI - HyperCare

Once the project is live, the Apptivo’s Service Team offers dedicated support to assist any additional questions and/or change requests ensuring a successful onboarding experience. Apptivo provides customers with Lifetime free support and our customer service team is available 24/7 via phone, email, and chat.

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