What is CPQ in Apptivo?

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CPQ feature in Apptivo helps you to create accurate error-free quotes and send them directly to the Customer for approval. It allows you to create a detailed database of an item with its list of raw materials and sub-assemblies in the Items app. You can add them to the item/product table while creating the Estimates for the accurate price of the items inclusive of choices and the included items.

To elaborate, Mobile Phones will always come as a kit of mobile, chargers, and headphones. At that time, you can create a configurable item with the list of included items. In addition, you can also add the list of child items as a choice for the parent item. For example, you can add the colors of the headphones as the Choices with the different prices. The created configurable item can be added while creating the estimates with the preferable choices of colored headphones provided with the items. With that, the value of the item will be generated based on the choices of the item.

Steps to add the configurable item

  • Log in and access Items App from your universal navigation menu.
  • Create a new item or select an existing item. Choose the Bill of Materials as Configurable. Once selected and created, the BOM type cannot be changed.

  • Click on the Bill of Materials tab to configure them.
  • Click on the Add Class button to add new classes and specify Select Existing Item as Class or Create New Class.
Bill of materials

  • Here we select the option as Create New Class then specify:
    • Name – Name of an item. It is a required field.
    • Description – Description of an item.
    • Price – Price of an item.
    • Enable the Toggle to give an option to select the multiple-choice options.
    • Display method – Radio options or Dropdown. (The item will be either listed in the drop-down or as radio option).
  • Click on the Add button to complete.
Create item choice

  • You can view the created class as shown in the image below:
  • Now, the Classes created as a Watch strap. You can add the choices of the Watch Straps as the colors that will be considered as a Child Item associated with the Parent Item(Watch Strap).
  • But it does not allow you to add the parent Item(Watch Strap) as an association for the child Items. The parent Item will not be displayed for associating with Child Item.
  • Click on the Add Choice icon to add a choice.
Class Created

  • In the Create Item Choice popup, you can either select the existing items or create a new item.
Create item choice

  • Similarly, you can create the multiple-choice items
  • You can view the class with a choice as shown in the image below:
Choices created

  • You can update class and choice information by clicking on the Edit icon if needed.
  • You can also delete the choices by clicking on the Delete icon.

  • Now go to Estimates App, scroll down to Products/items sold.
  • On clicking on the Search icon, a side panel opens where you can search for items.
  • Now, select the item and you can view the classes and choices of that selected item.
Create estimate

  • By selecting the item, another Search and Select pop up will get open.
  • Here, select the required choice and click on the Add button.
Search and select

  • After adding, you can see the choice being added in the Products/Items sold section.
  • Now, you can fill the remaining details and create a new estimate. 
CPQ item

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