How do I create item categories?

Updated on May 25, 2020 01:59AM by Admin


  • In the Settings page, choose Items → Categories from the left panel. In the Categories page, select Create to create a new category.

  • The Create Category popup will come into view. Here, add a name and description for the category. Slide the toggle on to Enable Flag.
Create Category

  • On selecting Create, a new category is created.
Category Created

  • Consider creating a new item or open an existing item. Select Add to add a category to an item.
Overview Page

  • The Add Category popup will display. It will list the created categories.
Add Category Popup

  • Select the (+) icon to add a category. Here, Outdoor Designing is selected.
Category Selected

  • The selected category is added to the item.
Categories Added

  • The item will be visible when you select By Category → Outdoor Designing in the left panel of the Lists in the Items App.