What is Partially Shipped in Shipping App?

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Apptivo’s Shipping App helps you to manage and track the order shipments along with the inventory items. In addition, it provides you to manage and track the warehouse information about the products or goods that are stored.

Let’s consider, you got an order for a particular product for 10 items. But having a stock of 5 in hand. In this case, you can create a shipment for these 5 and keep the remaining 5 in Back Order.

Once the orders are created and changed to Pick release, the orders will be visible in the  Waiting to be picked status. You can create the Partial shipment only for the orders that are in the lists. Please follow the steps to partially ship the orders.

To know about How to create an Order and Pick release, Click on the respective functionality.

Steps to Follow

  • Login and access the Shipping App from the Universal Navigation Menu.
  • Click on the By Order Status Drop-down and select Waiting to be Picked.

  • From the Waiting to be Picked list, select the order as per your need. Here, Order No #1000 has to ship partially.
Waiting to be Picked

  • Then, click on the Create.

  • In the Create Shipment Page, click on the Order search option.
Shipment Page

  • In the Order: Search and Select pop up, you can view the pending orders for shipment. Select the order no #1000.
Search Pop up

  • The order details like customer name, Warehouse details, and items related to those orders will be populated automatically.
Order Details

  • In the Items, you can edit the Ship Qty as per your requirement.

  • Then, click on the Create button in the bottom right corner.
Create Button

  • Shipment Created.
Shipment Created

  • Once the partial shipment is created. The order status of the particular order updated automatically as Partially Shipped. You can view the status of the order in the Orders App.
Orders App

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