How to eSign your Work Orders?

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An electronic signature or eSignature is recorded in an electronic form that is intended to provide secure and accurate identification of the signatory. Apptivo is integrated with for eSignature.

First, you have to enable eSignature. Now, let us walk through the steps to eSign your Work Orders.

Setting up of eSign in Work Orders App

  • Access to the Work Orders App.
  • Click on More Options(...) → Settings→Customize App→Print/Web Layouts.
  • Open existing or Create a new PDF Template.
  • Drag & Drop the eSign attribute from the Palette tab.

work orders

Selecting Whom to send eSign

  • In the Configured PDF Template, click on the eSign attribute.
  • The Inspector tab will get highlighted.
  • Here, click the “Who” drop-down and choose the value either as Customer or Contact.
  • This configuration works with the respective PDF Template only.

Sending eSign request via Work Orders

  • Access to Work Orders App and create a Work Order with the configured PDF Template.
Create New Work Order

  • In the Work order view page, “Send eSign” button will be enabled.
Send Sign

  • Click the Send eSign button, It will automatically pre-populate the Customer/Contact email address based on PDF Configuration in Send eSign Popup.
Contact Select

  • You could manually enter the email address in the Send eSign Popup if the email address is not present in the Customer/Contact record.
  • If more than one signature is added in the template and needs a signature, the emails will be sent to the recipients whose signature is required.
  • You can make use of the Sequential Order option. Enabling this toggle will let you send the email in the sequential order based on the recipients listed in the Send eSign popup.

Note -​ Send eSign button will be disabled if the Work Order record is found without the configured PDF Template.

Receiving the eSign request email

  • Once you sent the eSign, Customer / Contact will receive the eSign request email
  • Click Review & Sign button in the received email and you will be redirected to App.

Steps to eSign the document against received eSign request email

  • In, you can view the Work Order document.
  • Click the Signature and it will display Create Signature Popup.
  • Either Draw or Type your signature and once completed click “Sign”.
Sign Format

  • The Signature will be displayed in the Document. Then, click “Finish” to submit the signed document.
Document Signed

eSign History for Individual Work Order

  • In the Work Orders App, Go to More(...) Options → Settings→ Work orders → eSignature.
  • You could set the eSignature History based on your requirements.
Selecting eSign History

  • Then in the Work Orders App, click on the eSign History tab in the Work Order.
  • Here, you could see the details of the eSignature status.

Sign History

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