How to enable the eSign service using in Apptivo?

Updated on February 18, 2021 04:57AM by Admin

Apptivo has an eSignature service that enables users to get the documents signed anywhere, anytime. Apptivo uses integration with to get the documents signed securely. To utilize this service, it is necessary to have an account with and authenticate it with Apptivo. This service is available only for paid users.

Enabling the eSign Service

  • To enable the eSign service, select Manage Your Account from the User Menu.
User Menu

  • In the Manage Your Account page, select Services → eSignature from the left panel.
  • The eSignature page will come into view. The toggle is disabled by default. Enable the toggle.
Manage Your Account

When you are an Apptivo user, there is no necessity to create an account separately in Instead, you can quickly log into using your Apptivo login credentials. Please note that your Apptivo login ID and login ID should be the same to establish an integration successfully.

  • When the user enables the toggle, the user will receive a popup asking for confirmation. On clicking Yes, the Apptivo account gets integrated with the account.

  • The user can see all the information related to their service in the eSignature page.
  • The information includes the following:
    • Your Email ID
    • Business Name - Integrated Firm Name.
    • Current Plan with
    • Current Term with
    • Total Documents - Total documents available in the plan.
    • Used Documents - Number of documents used for eSignature service.
    • Available Documents - The remaining number of documents that can be used for eSign.
    • Requested By - Requester name.
    • Approved By - Approver Name.
Access Granted