What is the purpose of Bell Notifications in Apptivo?

Updated on March 1, 2019 02:52AM by Admin

In general, notifications increases engagement by giving the customers or users an easy way to interact with your application. And in that way, Apptivo delivers you with a notification as a result of analyzing your background actions in the form of Bell Notifications.

Having synced your email service providers with Apptivo for the transferring of events and tasks (G Suite, Office 365, Contacts Sync), keeping track of the sync status each time would be a tedious one and you would never come to know of the sync process being stopped, unless and until you go back to the configured settings to check out or miss out a few appointments. Wouldn’t that be an implausible loss by that time? Never worry.

Bell Notifications in Apptivo will always keep you in the loop making you notified whenever there is a failure in the sync process, displaying the sync failed info represented with a bell-shaped icon, next to the Global Search.

Besides displaying the sync failure information, you will also be notified if you are tagged or mentioned in the news feed. That is, when your colleague mentions in a post that pertains to you, you will be notified that you are mentioned making it more visible. (Note: Tagging your colleagues can be done by using “@” for mentioning the respective employee in News Feed)

bell notification icon

When you have a new notification the bell icon rings, as shown in the below image.

view bell notification received

Click on the bell icon to view your notifications.

view bell notifications