How do I allow Selecting a Supplier for each Estimate Line?

Updated on January 30, 2018 03:40AM by Admin

Estimates App allows you to select a supplier for each estimate record. That is, for each item or product selected, you can also select the corresponding supplier.

Steps to Select a Supplier for each Estimate Line

  1. Log in and access Estimates App from universal navigation menu bar.
  2. Click on “More(...)” icon and select “Settings” from the app header bar.
    settings estimates
  3. Click “Supplier Items” under “Estimates” drop down located in the left navigation panel.
    supplier items under estimates
  4. The Supplier Items page will be displayed as shown:
    enable supplier item
  5. Enable the toggle “ON”, to select a supplier for each estimate line. The changes will be auto-saved.
  6. Now, create an estimate, by clicking the “Create New Estimate”.
    create new estimate
  7. In the creation page, for each item selected, you can now select the corresponding supplier.
    supplier item in creation page

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