How do I view and create delayed invoices for paid invoice?

Updated on March 6, 2018 03:44AM by Admin

The paid invoices without late fee can be viewed in "Paid" option under "By Status" drop down box on the left navigation panel. The invoices which are paid but have penalty amount or late fee, that is, the amount calculated for delayed days are viewed in "Delayed invoices" under "Invoice Queue" where it allows you to create new invoice for that penalty amount.

The following steps will make things clearer. Here we go!

To Create Invoice from Delayed Invoices

  1. Login and access Invoices App from universal navigation menu bar
  2. Click "Lists" drop down from left navigation panel.
  3. Select "Delayed Invoices" from "Invoice Queue" drop down. you can view the list of paid invoices which are having the penalty amount respective to parent paid invoice.
    Delayed invoices
  4. Click "+" button against the required invoice to which a new invoice to be created for the penalty amount. It will navigate to create page of the delay invoice.
    Create delayed invoice
  5. Enter the required details and also details from parent invoices will be auto generated. The penalty amount can be viewed under "Delay invoices" section.
    Email invoice
  6. Click on "Email Invoices" to send the delayed invoice payment.

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