How do I Create Task with Dependency?

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What is Task Dependencies?

Linking tasks create task dependencies. You can link tasks within same project. If you link the tasks then the default link type would be finish to start i.e The start date of the task will automatically adjust according to your dependencies. You cannot proceed to complete a task until all dependencies are completed.

You can create tasks with dependency in both project templates and also while creating projects.

Steps to Create Task with Dependency

  1. Create a new project.
  2. Either create task for milestone or click on "Tasks" global tab found in common activities tab bar create a new task.
    create task
  3. Create a task and provide task information.
  4. Click on "+" icon to add dependency.
  5. You can view tasks created in that projects.
    add dependency
  6. Add your preferred task as dependency tasks and click on "Add" button.
  7. You can view the created task with dependency as shown in the image below:
    added dependency
  8. You can also view tasks in Project Gantt chart as shown in the image below:
    task dependency
  9. The above image shows that the dependent task (Send local user group information) cannot begin until the task that it depends on main task (Escalate support request) gets complete.

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