How do I create my views in projects app?

Updated on September 12, 2016 04:00AM by Admin

Projects App supports to view project overview, this allows you to select your preferred fields for viewing projects information’s in a table view. By default you can view fields such as Name, Description, Due Date, Start Date etc.

Steps to Create My Views

  1. Log in and access Projects App from your Universal Navigation menu bar.
    Projects dashboard
  2. Click on “Search” icon located at the app header bar.
    search project
  3. You can view the search results as shown in the image below:
    dispaly dropdown
  4. Click on “Overview” button in “Display” field.
  5. Select the fields you would like to view in a table format.
  6. Click on “Save as View” button and specify:
    • View Name – Name of the view.
    • Share With Other Users – Click “ON” to share views with others. If needed.
      save saveasview
  7. Click on “Save” button.
  8. We have now, created a view in the name of "Management Projects".
  9. Click on “My Views” from the left navigation panel on the Projects dashboard. You can view the created view as shown in the image below:
    my views

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