How do I customize left panel views in projects app?

Updated on November 18, 2020 11:30PM by Admin

In the Projects App, the left navigation view settings allow you to easily filter the projects according to your preferences.

For instance: If you do not want to view the By Status option in the left navigation panel, then its visibility can be hidden.

Steps to Configure Views

  • Login and access the Projects app from the universal menu.
  • Click on the More(...) icon and selects Settings.

  • On the Settings page, click on the Customize app and select the Views.

  • On the Views page, you can view the Left Panel views.

  • You can view the Tabs of Enabled and the All views.
  • You can view all the list of standards and the Custom view types that will be Toggled ON by default.
Left Panel views

  • Disable the Toggle off for the By Status.
  • The view will get updated automatically.
By status

  • Now, go to the Projects Home page you can view the By Status view will not be displayed on the left panel.
Home Page

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