How Do I Create Industries in Contacts App?

Updated on April 3, 2020 06:34AM by Admin

If you have been using Apptivo CRM for a while now, you would be aware of the flexibility it offers in its various objects and modules. Contacts App has a list of pre-listed industry types. However, if you have opened an account with a new Industry type, you can add the details in the Industries options. The Contacts App has several configuration settings that allow you to make changes to the way the app functions. You can create a new industry using Industries option. Let’s have a look at how to do the same.

For Instance: Consider you are scheduling your first overseas meeting with a client. This requires communication with different hotels and other service providers. This falls under Hospitality. You might want to record the contact information of different providers. You can make use of the Contacts App to record the information. These are new contacts belonging to a different industry. If you are unable to map these contacts with the available Industry type, you can create a New Industry effortlessly.

Steps to Create Industries

  • Log in and access the Contacts App from your Universal navigation menu bar. Click on the More icon and select Settings at the app header bar.

  • Select the Contacts dropdown. Click on the Industries from the left navigation panel.

  • Click on the Create button. You will be redirected to the Create Industry popup. Here, give a name and description of the Industry type.
Create Industry

  • Click on the Create button to complete. You can see a new Industry type is added to the list.
Industry Created

  • This Industry type will be listed while adding the Industry for a Contact in the Contacts Profile.

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