How do I customize provider shipping methods in orders app?

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In General, Shipping Method allows you to choose the method or the way to ship the items using Orders App.

Provider Shipping Methods
This is a list of shipping methods made available through third-party providers. These can be linked directly to the provider API to receive real-time shipping quotes. By default, App provides a list of common US shipping methods.

Steps to Customize Provider Shipping Methods

  1. Login and access Orders App from your Universal Navigation menu bar.
  2. Click on “More(...) -> Settings ” icon located at the App header bar.
  3. You will be redirected to the Settings page. Click on “Orders -> Shipping Methods” from the left navigation panel.
  4. You can view “Provider Shipping Method” and "Self Shipping Methods" as shown in the image below:
    shipping methods
  5. Click on “Add” button near the Provider Shipping Method.
  6. Select shipping methods from “Available shipping methods” by clicking “+” icon as shown in the image below:
    add shipping method
  7. Click on “Add” button to complete.
    added shipping methods

How do I customize self-shipping methods?

Here you can set your own shipping methods, which are not related to a specific provider. Define your own description, and costs involved for each shipping method by using Orders App -> Settings.

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