How do I get approval from a customer for my estimate?

Updated on July 3, 2019 07:42AM by Admin

Once you procure customer requirements, the next step is to create an estimate. Now you send the estimate to the corresponding customer for his approval. Here are the steps to create an estimate and also send it to the customer for his green signal.

Steps to Approve an Estimate

  1. Log in and access Estimates App from your universal navigation panel.
  2. Create a new estimate or select an existing estimate to get approval.
  3. Click on the “Send” button to email an estimate to the customer.
    Sending the email

The estimate can be now be approved by that customer in three ways:

  • By clicking on the “Approve” button found in the email sent.
    • Once an estimate is sent, the customer will receive an email with an estimate. Click on the “Approve” button found at the top.
      From Estimate
  • By clicking on the “Approve” button found in the estimate hyperlink.
    • Once an estimate is sent, your customer can view a hyperlink in their mail as shown in the image below. Click on that hyperlink to view the Estimate.
    • Now, click on the “Approve” button present.
      From Hyperlink
  • Using the approval flow available in the Estimates App.

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