How do I Send Purchase Order to Supplier?

Updated on June 7, 2021 07:09AM by Admin

The Purchase Orders app allows you to create all the items that you are going to buy from the supplier. This will help you to associate with supplier invoices and supplier payments.

Steps to Send Purchase Orders

  • Log in and access the Purchase Orders App from your universal navigation menu.
  • Create a new purchase order or select an existing purchase order to send it to the supplier.
  • Click on the More Details to view the Purchase Orders.
Purchase orders

  • In the Overview page, you can view the Send button.
  • Click on the Send button to send the PO to the supplier.

  • By clicking on the send button, the Compose side panel will get open with the supplier email address and the PO attached.
  • You can attach additional documents from the email compose page if needed.
  • Then, click on the Send button to complete.

  • Once the email is sent, you can view the email in the Sent emails on Emails Tab.
Emails Tab

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