How do I cancel a purchase order?

Updated on May 24, 2021 07:38AM by Admin

You can cancel the purchase orders that are created by using the Cancel option. If you don’t wish to cancel a purchase order, and you just want to make an edit, it can be done by using the Edit option instead of canceling it.

Steps to Cancel Purchase Orders

  • Log in and access the Purchase Orders App from your universal menu.
  • Click on Show all from the left panel.
Purchase orders

  • You can view all your purchase orders in the dashboard.
  • Click on More Details to overview a purchase order.
Show All

  • In the Purchase order overview page, click on the Cancel button.

  • You can view the warning popup page. Click on the Yes button to cancel the purchase order.

  • The Purchase order will get canceled and moved to the canceled folder. 

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